Interim Management is a specialised program that matches the skills and expertise of high quality CEO’s and Managers with your specific needs to deliver appropriate and successful outcomes for your business.

Interim Management delivers relevant and complementary specialist help directly into your business in an ongoing and sustainable manner. Interim Managers bring consistency, reliability and accountability to your business across a range of areas:

  • CEO/General Management
  • People & Culture
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Information Technology (IT)

Why Interim Management?

There is an increasing need by both large and small organisations for the services of Interim Managers.

This need arises not only because of the increasing labour and skills shortage but also when an unexpected event such as a resignation, parental leave or extended illness occurs in your business, which stretches existing resources and usually impacts on an area that requires specialised skills such as People or IT.

Alternatively, a re-structure or the need to complete a special project may require executive skills that cannot be provided by existing personnel.

Equally some organisations cannot afford nor do they require a full time manager or specialist, yet business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the need to employ management expertise in specific areas such as finance, people and marketing.

Often, critical periods may occur during the implementation of new technologies or while transitioning to new management structures. An Interim CEO or Manager allows you to establish stability and structure while consolidating the position of your business prior to formalising key management appointments. Continuity is essential in times of change and consistency within your team and client base is equally important.

How does it work?

Our high profile and qualified Interim CEO’s and Managers are available at short notice to assume responsibility during critical periods of development for your business.

Whether your requirement is to fill a short term gap to meet peak demand, or provide high level management support for ongoing projects, Interim Management provides the perfect solution.

Interim Management will give you instant access to highly experienced professionals who can join your leadership team to provide ongoing and constructive solutions for your organisation.

An Interim Manager will not only act as a mentor and/or coach but will take pride in personally ensuring your assignment is executed effectively. They will also guarantee a valuable transference of knowledge is achieved for your team.

Typically an Interim CEO or Manager engagement could occupy a 1 to 12 month term. During this period the Interim CEO or Manager may also play an active role in documenting his/her position and also assist in the recruitment of a permanent replacement.

Interim CEO’s and Managers are selected because of their experience in your type of business or industry. Prior to their appointment, they will personally research the culture of your organisation, allowing their transition to the position to be as smooth and seamless as possible. The transition brings with it years of corporate and business experience and skills.

The benefits of an Interim CEO or Manager are many and varied. Of most value, is the immediate access you have to high – calibre management and leadership skills.

Bottom Line has an extensive professional database and commercial network from which to appoint a highly skilled resource who is able to be engaged on a flexible basis.

Interim Managers can join your business for weeks or months at a time, depending on circumstances or on a regular weekly or monthly retainer basis.

The real benefit of this service is that the Interim Manager really gets to know your team and your business and you get to know them! And what they learn in one business – knowledge, experiences and best practice, can then be applied to other businesses. This is when they can add real value to your organisation.

In many cases, Interim Managers bring a wealth of experience which may not be currently available in your business. This interim solution very often represents the most timely and financially efficient way of solving a short term management problem.

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