Mark has been involved in banking, merchant banking and advisory for over 25 years. In his thirties he became Chair/National President of the Australian Society of Corporate Treasurers now known as the Finance and Treasury Association. This was the beginning of his Non Executive Directing career which spans both the private and public sector and includes directorships with Public Trustee, Land Management Corporation, People’s Choice Credit Union, Electricity Industry Super Fund, and South Australian Government Finance Authority (SAFA). In addition to directing, the majority of Mark’s career has been in consulting to industry. In 1993 he established a niche banking and finance advisory firm called Corporate Treasury Consulting (CTC). CTC’s raison d’être is to assist companies of all sizes and in all industries in ensuring their banking, treasury and risk management is at best practice.

Sport has featured heavily in Mark’s life culminating in winning state and national surfing titles and representing Australia in surfing. Mark is also a keen cyclist and in 2010 co-founded the not for profit organisation called SuperCycle which holds an annual 1000km, 7 day cycling and fundraising event.

Years of experience by osmosis in dealing with all levels of management and board, mixed with specialist finance, risk management and governance affords the mentee a unique opportunity to draw insight from Mark as a mentor and coach.