Coaches & Mentors

Bottom Line has experienced Executive Coaches and Mentors who are available to work inside your business to improve the skills and performance of individuals, teams and the company as a whole.

Tania Watson

Tania is an accredited executive coach and group facilitator specialising in top team/board effectiveness development.

Donny Walford

The founder of two companies, DW Bottom Line Pty Ltd (Bottomline) Transition Strategists and DW Behind Closed Doors Pty Ltd.

Kylie Bishop

Kylie has accounting qualifications and over 20 years’ experience within professional services environments. She has worked in small, medium and multi-national corporations within the engineering, environmental services and legal industries.

Mark Day

Mark has been involved in banking, merchant banking and advisory for over 25 years. In his thirties he became Chair/National President of the Australian Society of Corporate Treasurers now known as the Finance and Treasury Association.

Wendy Teasdale-Smith

A well-respected, high profile and credible executive leader known for her work with leaders developing their public speaking skills and executive presence.

John Irving

John Irving – an experienced, successful and independent business advisor and mediator.